Preparing Your Home Garden for Winter

Important Gardening Tips For Winter Gardens

At first glance, it seems like gardening is a hobby that is reserved primarily for the spring and summer seasons. As it turns out, however, there are still plenty of wintertime gardening activities that need to be done if you want your garden to thrive. Check out these important gardening tips for winter to learn how to properly care for your garden during the coldest parts of the year.

Tip #1 – Provide Protection For Your Plants

If you are overwintering any plants, make sure that they are protected against the weather. Some plants simply need to be protected with mulch whereas others require more intensive measures. Read up on the perennial plants in your garden to find out how to keep them safe during the winter.

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Tip #2 – Prune Your Trees

Most trees do best when they are pruned during the dormant winter season. That way, they will be ready to put out new growth in the spring. Not all trees and shrubs are suitable for winter pruning, however. Be sure that you check the guidelines for the trees in your garden to find out when they should be pruned.

Tip #3 – Rake Up Fallen Leaves

Any leaves that are left on the ground over the winter will be messy and difficult to clean up in the spring. It is usually far easier to deal with dead leaves in the fall. Try to make your yard as tidy as possible before the temperatures really plummet. That way, you will have less work to do when spring rolls around.  At the beginning of autumn, its also a really good idea to tidy up your whole yard, and for that you need a good power washer.  These can be bought quite cheaply online at places like Careful Gardener – best karcher power washers 2018.

Using these gardening tips for winter, you can help ensure that your plants survive no matter how cold it gets outside. You can also make it easier to get your garden back up and running again in the spring by preparing it as much as possible during the winter.